Consignment Information

Clean your gear and bring it on down. We’ll work with you to establish a price that will yield the greatest return for your items and is inline with what they are worth on the used market while taking into consideration their age and condition.

Our rates are on a sliding scale that is based on other successful consignment shops all across the west.

  • $1 – 149.99: 50% goes to you in the form of a check or 60% as in store credit
  • $150 – 299.99: 60% goes to you in the form of a check or 70% as in store credit
  • $300 – 499.99: 70% goes to you in the form of a check or 80% as in store credit
  • $500 and up: 80% goes to you in the form of a check or 90% as in store credit

Once your items sell you will have the opportunity to get paid in the form or a check or you can make an additional 10% if you use that money as in store credit.

Are you to busy to load up and come our way? For an extra percentage we’ll come to you. Call us for an appointment and we’ll come to your location, inventory your gear and bring it back to the store without you having to lift a finger.

We work on a two season business model. Summer sales are from around the beginning of April until the end of September, and Winter is from the beginning of October until the end of March. The dates will shift based on that year’s local weather. We accept all gear year round regardless of the season but out of season items will be placed in storage until the relevant season has arrived.

Below is a list of items that we carry. Please give us a call for additional information on what we will accept!

Backpacking/camping gear: Backpacks, Tents, Sleeping pads, Sleeping bags, Bivy sacks, Camp stoves, Cookware, Water filters

Technical Outerwear and Clothing:
Shells, Insulated jackets, Rain wear, Ski/snowboard jackets and pants, Hiking clothes, Gloves, Boots

Road and Mountain Biking:
Complete bikes, Bike parts, Components, Helmets, Shoes, Pedals, Clothing

Winter Sports: Alpine skis, Apline touring skies, Telemark skis, Snowboards, Snowshoes, Bindings, Boots, Poles, Goggles, Helmets, Gloves, Jackets, Pants, Layering clothes, Backpacks, Avalanche equipment

River Sports: Kayaks, Rafts, Paddle boards, Paddles and oars, Wake Boards, Water skis, Surf boards, Life jackets, Dry suits, Wet suits, Dry tops, Kayak skirts, Helmets, Dry bags, River shoes

Climbing: Technical gear, Harnesses, Shoes, Helmets, Clothing (due to liability we do not sell used ropes but will recycle them for you)

Electronics: GPS, Fitness trackers, Mapping software, Headlamps, Watches, Avalanche transceiver

Motorized Sports: Helmets, Goggles, Jackets, Pants, Jerseys, Boots, Gloves, Protective gear, Luggage, Tank bags

Hunting and fishing: Rods, Reels, waders, tackle, camouflage clothing, Bows, Crossbows, Arrows (we do not sell firearms)

Literature: Guide and trail books, Adventure fiction and non-fiction